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Patients from Alexandria

Need a Dentist in Alexandria, MN? Take the Trip to Elbow Lake Instead! 

While there are a number of dentists in Alexandria, MN, many individuals and families are taking advantage of the same high standards of dental care in neighboring communities (and for good reasons.) Among the surrounding Alexandria communities that host some of Minnesota's most experienced dentists is Elbow Lake. Home to reputable and comprehensive dentistry practices like Elbow Lake Dental, patients are finding the high level of dental care as well as the peaceful drive to be well worth the 30 minute commute.

A Hometown Feel Hosting Minnesota's Premier Dentists

Beyond the greater Alexandria area, Elbow Lake is home to some of Minnesota's most experienced dentists. Perhaps the most experienced and well-versed dentist in Elbow Lake is Dr. Brady E. Weispfennig, of Elbow Lake Dental. Launching his career in 1980 after graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Dr. Leis specializes in a wide range of oral care procedures spanning from same-day restorations and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and orthodontics (braces). In addition to the high degree of experience that Dr. Leis and his specialized dental team offers, Elbow Lake Dental provides some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies in dental care.

For instance, the practice is one of few dental care facilities in Minnesota that offers laser cavity detection - a revolutionary system designed to inspect and uncover tooth decay. Elbow Lake Dental is also recognized for its unique and effective approach to dentistry and oral care. The staff advocates preventative care and education as key cornerstones to optimal dental health. While patients can expect the same routine care of most dentist offices in Alexandria (i.e. teeth cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatment, etc.,) the staff takes measures to check the overall health of patients' teeth and gums. This includes reviewing patient's medical history, performing oral cancer screenings, and taking x-rays when necessary.

An Experience That Extends Beyond Your Dentist Appointment

Another reason why some choose Elbow Lake Dental over other dentists in Alexandria is the beautiful commute. Located in the heart of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, the drive from Alexandria to Elbow Lake offers a scenic route that gives patients the opportunity to reflect, meditate, and decompress while taking-in the stunning landscape of western Minnesota. With many options for routes to take to Elbow Lake, the quickest and most common is hopping on I-94. With very little development along this route, individuals can cruise the scenic drive northwest to Elbow Lake with minimal delays - all the while the nature-lined roadways help make the overall commute drift by. So if savoring the peace of mind after a dentist appointment at Elbow Lake Dental sounds like something you're interested in, request an appointment today, or give us a call at 218-685-4710.